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    Sintering filter

    Sintering filter: is a kind of the multilayer metal sintering nets, and USES the multi-layer stainless steel net through special laminated pressing, the vacuum sintering and become with high strength and overall rigidity of a new type of filtration material, its each layer of screen mesh mutual crisscross, formed a uniform and ideal filter structure. Features: 1) high strength: five layer screen sintering, high mechanical strength and compressive strength; 2) high precision: 2-200 um filtering particle size all can play uniformity of surface filtration performance; 3) heat resistance: but durable from - 200 degrees at most 650 degree continuous filtration; 4) clean sex: because the current good cleaning effect and surface filter structure, simple cleaning. Main application: 1) used in high temperature environment dispersion cooling materials; 2) used in gas distribution, liquid fluidized bed orifice plate materials; 3) used for high precision, high reliability and high temperature filtration materials; 4) used for high pressure reverse flushing oil filter.
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