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    Hello! Welcome to visit Jineng Hardware WireMesh Product Factory!

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    Excavator filter element      filter basket      candle filter      Decorative net     
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      We always adhere to the “scientific management, continuous improvement, safe, reliable, top-notch” the quality concept of “compliance requirements, diligent and pragmatic” business philosophy, the pursuit of quality and service continues to exceed, to provide customers with quality products and perfect service, a better future.
      Enterprise purpose: excellent quality, sincere and trustworthy, sustainable development, contributing to society.
      Core values??: quality, marketing, management, and efficiency.
      Management concepts: efficiency from management, management focuses on innovation.
      Basic idea: to use high-quality products and services to meet market demand, high-quality management to improve competitiveness.
      Business philosophy: skilled occasion, the courage to reform, good business.
      Enterprise mission: the company respected not only high quality products, more importantly, our customers have no worries to create a project model.
      Enterprise spirit: hard work, innovation, unity, cooperation, science and hard work, honesty first, customer first.

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    ADD: Anping County Economic Development Zone, Road No. 5