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    about the gasket filter of Jineng Hardware Wire Mesh Product Factory

    Jineng Hardware Wire Mesh Product Factory
      Gasket Filter
      Gasket filter is a kind of filter that the filter mesh is coated with rubber or silicon or PVC on the edge. The rubber or silicon or PVC gaskets act as a berrier between two surfaces in contact and used to prevent leakage of fluid or gas.The main materials of gasket are rubber,silicon,PVC.etc.
      The material of filter mesh is stainless steel 304,stainless steel 316,stainless steel 316L.etc so the gasket filter is acid resisting,alkaline resisting,rust resisting,high temperature resisting.etc.It is used in automotive,electrical,medical and other industrial.
      As the professional manufacturer we supply high quality products with competitive price,any questions or needs please feel free to contact us.
      Ethan Wang     zhang@apjineng.com     0086-318-5183893   15369927571
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