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    Beer filtration essential beer filter

    beer filter

    One, the concept of wheat juice filtering.

    After the saccharification, the saccharification mash must be separated as soon as possible, that is, filtration to get the clear wheat juice.

    The solid part is called the wheat mess, which is one of the main by-products of the brewery;
    The liquid part is wheat juice, which is the substrate of fermentation of beer yeast.
    The filtration of saccharified mash is made by gravity filtration or extraction from the large wheat husk to the natural filtration layer.
    The process of separating the wheat juice is divided into two steps: the first step is to separate the wheat from the mash, which is called the number one.
    The second is not to use hot water to wash out the wheat juice left in wheat.
    Second, the requirements for the filtration of wheat juice.
    The basic requirements of wort filtration is quick, thorough separation of soluble extract liquid mash, to minimize the influence the flavor of beer wheat skin polyphenols, pigments, bitter substances and high polymer in malt protein, fat, fatty acids and beta glucan substances such as into the wort, thus ensuring wort good taste and high clarity.
    3. Operation of wheat juice filter equipment.
    1. Milk reflux: pay attention to the rest time and return in time;
    Turn on the valve, return the wheat juice to the filter tank system for 5-10 minutes, observe the wheat juice clear, switch backflow valve, pump the wheat juice into the boiling pot.
    Special attention: when the filter is filtered, it is necessary to control the juice flow carefully to keep the reflux stability and prevent the filter plate from collapsing.
    2. Test the wheat juice for the first time: after filtering for 20 minutes, sample the original malt concentration ---.
    A, hot wort treatment: from A boiling pot in A measuring cylinder wort, slowly into the prepared beforehand come inside the tank, cooling below 30 ℃, shake well, steadier;
    B, sugar measurement: apply range of 10-20 bx brix table one, there will be one end of the mercury package insert wort, slowly let go again closer to reading is expected, 5 minutes to read the wort concave surface table sugar value;
    Gently remove the sugar meter, check the temperature value of the wheat juice on the table, and check the value of the sugar fix, and obtain the original wheat juice concentration;
    The saccharometer should be gently held, cleaned, dried and properly kept after use;

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