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    filter mesh

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    Material:ss304 wire mesh,ss316 wire mesh,ss316l wire mesh,brass wire mesh
    Shape:round shape,rectangular shape, toroidal shape,square shape,oval shape,other special shape
    round shape: diameter:44 to 600mm 

    toroidal shape:inner diameter 18 to 250mm, outer diameter 50 to 350mm
    rectangular shape: width 50 to 100mm, length 60 to 400mm
    we can manufacture from 8 to 80 mesh for plain weave and twill weave and from 12x64 mesh to 40x200 mesh for dutch weave.
    Special specifications can be produced by the customer's requirements.

    Application: filter discs are mainly used in screening and separation in mine,coal,grain,medicine,glass,food,petroleum,chemical industry,machinery manufacturing,ship and automobiles to delete the mist drop or liquid foam,used as air filter in cars and trucks.etc

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