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    candle filter

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    Product material: SUS304,304 l,316,316 l stainless steel net,stainless steel sintering nets,sintering sticky,stainless steel mesh do support and outer protection sleeve.
    Product features:
    (1)absolutely no material falls off phenomenon.
    (2)high temperature resistance,can be in - 270-400 ° C temperature long-term safety work. Both high temperature or low temperature stainless steel material will not separate out harmful material,material performance stable,nano unclean quantity,high filtration precision accurate.

    (3)corrosion resistance is high,it is not easy to damage,loss of pressure of small,filtering area is large.
    (4)special easy cleaning,long service life.
    Product specifications: filtration precision(μ m) 2-200,appearance size,filtering precision,filter area,under pressure,customers can request the construction.
    Main application: petroleum,chemical industry,food,environmental protection,heavy machinery,film,medicine,water treatment,high temperature gas filtration

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