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    Excavator filter element

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    207-60-61250 excavator hydraulic pump filter filter element

    1. Material: 304,304L,306,306L and so on

    2. External diameter: 25--300mm

    3. Standard: standard

    4. Certification: ISO9001, SGS

    5. Product instruction: Sintering net is a kind of porous sintered material which is made of layers of stainless steel wire mesh with different bore diameters, these layers of wire mesh stacked together according to different structures, and then sintered, pressed and rolled. Generally, it have 5 layers, it are protective layer, filter layer, separation layer, strengthening layer and support layer. This filter element have stable filtering precision and high strength and stiffness. It have the advantage under the environment of high requirement of compressive strength and uniform. Due to the filtering mechanism is surface filtration and the mesh pore is smooth, it has the excellent properties of recycled backwash, can be used repeatedly for a long time, especially suitable for the consecutive and automatic operation.

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